Our Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is to inform the readers about the occasional points where the site may ask for your information or get information during your session at lasvegasnorthhotel.com. The following information that you'll see in this very page involves how our brand makes use of your information or in what instances would we disclose your information. Please rest assured that the company also ensures that we abide by the laws, specifically the Data Privacy Act.

The information that we would receive from your end through your provision is guaranteed to be used only to help us aid in the site's improvement. We want nothing more than to help you get the best Las Vegas North Hotel or accommodation possible, which is why we make use of data we get during your session. Of course, by continuously using our site means that you agree to our privacy policy and will abide by the policies set up and provided.

Utilization of the Data Collected From Users

It is highly likely that there may come a point in time where we would request to know more about you and this information may even include information that could identify your real identity in the real world. You do not need to worry though because aside from the people who are working on making Las Vegas North Hotel stronger and better, the information you provide to use will not be disclosed, especially to third-party sites or entities.

Logging of Data

It is important to note that the site would be recording your sessions through cookies, especially pages in the site that you may have visited. This log data could also include more information about the device that you are using but, as mentioned, this kind of personal information would remain confidential in our hands. The log data is important for us to make sure that the site would generate the best Las Vegas North Hotel depending on your recent behaviour within the domain."